Frequently Asked Questions...

How Much Does This Cost?

You can use this system for free! However, there are powerful upgrades available, that will allow you to get even more traffic, earn income, and get rebranding rights - for as little as $25! Watch our presentation in the members area for full details

How Much Does Bitcoin Cost?

It actually costs nothing to have a bitcoin account - it's truly a tool/currency for the masses! However the cost to buy a bitcoin fluctuates (just like all currencies do relative to each other), you'll notice on many of our pages we tell you our current rate of bitcoin - which we update at least once a week

Do I get paid on traffic, or when someone upgrades?

Well, both really...when you drive traffic through HitsMonkey (either from your efforts or from the leverage gained from this site) you will be getting traffic to the website of your choice - which, if it's doing it's job well should pay you to send traffic there. But, you'll only get paid from this site when someone upgrades.

How long does it take to be paid?

WHAT - Did you even watch our presentation!? ;) You get paid INSTANTLY!

Can I just use this system as a free member?

Of Course! We wanted to make this accessible to the masses, so we created a powerful hybrid system that allows free people to gain leverage for advertising, and paid members to leverage even more. But note, when you are a free member you cannot earn income with this system, and you only get traffic from the first 3 levels.

For Pro members, you'll actually get a powerful "Log Jam" effect when a string of free people under you promote past level 3! You'll keep on showing up on their level 4 until someone in the line upgrades, meaning YOU get all the hits, and YOU get the first upgrade that happens, even if it's down 100 generations (this works the same for level 5 & 6 too) - Powerful!

Can I share this with someone I know?

OF COURSE! It works best when you can share your link with anyone (just don't spam), and we even show you some great places for you to advertise - places that have generated real signups - and even give you our proven ad swipes that you can simply copy and paste - so you can get the word out with basically no skills!

...OK, you need to know how to read and copy and paste - if you're this far along you've got at least 1/3rd of the skills required ;)

Can I advertise to your entire member base?

Yes! We offer ad packages, you can get full page ads, our famous "First Contact" ad, banner ads, and login/out ads - even send an email to all our members! Click Here to see what we offer.

Where can I see my traffic (hits) & members?

On the "info" page you'll see a list of all the members sent by you and your group - down 6 levels, which is also your potential hits to your page. However, you only see contact info and traffic source (if you used a tracking link) on your personal referrals.

Do I need to keep clicking every day for traffic?

NO WAY! We wanted this to be quick and easy, you only ever need to spend 30 seconds on the 6 sites shown - So you're activated after just 3 minutes one time!

I upgraded to PRO, but the system isn't updating me!

This happens from time to time, most of the time transactions will be posted to the blockchain instantly (which means you'll be able to submit your transaction ID), and even confirm within a few minutes.

Most of the time it will take anywhere from 20-60 minutes for your payment to confirm, sometimes more depending on activity on the blockchain.

If you've made a payment more than 6 hours ago and you're still not upgraded please let us know about it, please make sure you include who the payment was for (ie. your L4), and the transaction hash/ID, in this format:
Level 4

if it's confirmed in the blockchain (and you paid the right person) we'll upgrade you no questions asked! If something else went wrong we'll work with you to try and set things right ASAP.

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