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We offer 3 main types of advertising on our site...


Banner impressions (as low as $0.0008 per impression):

Here's an example of a banner on our site:

All Banners Must Be 468x60!

We have banners in 3 areas of the page:

High banner will be displayed 'above the fold'

Medium banner will be shown with the main content of a page

Low banner is in the footer or near the bottom of a page.

Full page ads (as low as $0.35 a hit):

When our members complete certain actions we are able to show a full page ad to them as they move on to various steps - these are powerful ad spots that can geneate great results! Click Here For Example

Ads include:

1st crack which will be the very first ad any member sees after registering

Confirmation is shown only after a real person has verified their email

Login/Logout shown to members coming in and out of the site

Lost Pages these are shown when member's have had dead links, or have violated our terms and had their site disabled...basically any time a member doesn't have a link to show - we don't want to waste those spots, so we let you take them!

Solo Ads To Our Members ($300/solo):

We will only send 1-2 solo's to our members/week, and new members are joining daily, so these are prospects that don't get "burned out" and are higly responsive.


Also, we've got "Bunches of Monkeys" joining daily...we want to share with you! Click Here to learn more.

We Use BitCoin For Our Payments

If you are new to Bitcoin or want to learn more about it, and even earn bitcoins for yourself, we do full training inside our members area...we'll teach you how to Create & Fund Your Wallet & how to Send Bitcoin & Get The Transaction ID/Hash...and of course you can learn about the Benefits & Why we love to use bitcoin!

System Bitcoin Rate:
Ƀ1.00 Is Worth $10970USD
Updated Wednesday February 21st

For users of LocalBitcoins.com, Xapo.com and similar exchanges: Our system cannot verify all transactions from these websites. We recommend you use https://blockchain.info to do transactions on our platform. We want all transactions to be secure and verifiable and thus they need to happen on the blockchain. Some wallet services allow for internal transfers without going through the blockchain and we cannot verify those payments. Please ensure you have a blockchain.info wallet to ensure smooth payments.


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